Beginner Guitar Lessons


What are the benefits of learning guitar?

Are you looking to learn how to play the guitar? Perth Guitar Academy provides acoustic and electric guitar lessons. Learning the guitar is a highly rewarding experience. Studies have begun to show the numerous benefits of learning an instrument. Playing the guitar has the ability to reduce stress, increasing your creativity and enable creative learning and sharpen your mind.

Studies have shown playing any musical instrument offers an incredible benefits on the musician’s brain. Playing music engages your brain like no other activity. When you are playing music you are using many different parts of the brain simultaneously at the same time. Using your auditory and visual centres as well as the predictive abilities of your frontal cortex. You use your memory to recall your parts, and your motor cortex to actually play the instrument. Not to mention both the social element of bringing people together as well as having great relaxation benefits and creative outlet.

At what age can I start learning?

The benefits of playing guitar begin the very moment you start learning. If your a parent looking to give your child a creative outlet students as young as 6 are encouraged to start learning. I have had success with as young as 5 years old. Not only is it a creative outlet but kids quickly learn to be patient whilst learning, their ability to focus for great periods increases and it serves as a great creative learning tool that flows into other areas of learning. The guitar lends itself to being learnt in a multitude of ways as students develop different ways of mastering the guitar.

If you’ve always wanted to start learning the guitar and start playing your favourite songs there is no better time to start then now.Whether your 20 years old and looking to start a band or your moving into retirement and want to strum hits from back in the day. Guitar has a steep learning curve and the more time you put it in the greater reward your receive. At your first few lessons you may believe that that it is impossible to develop your skills. The wonder of guitar is how quickly, with a bit of patience and hard work, you can start enjoying the songs you’ve always loved. An added benefit is your appreciation for the artists you know and enjoy is increased tenfold.

How & what will I learn in your lessons?

The style of teaching we use is dependant on your experience, what you’d like to get out of learning the guitar, your own learning style (whether your more visual, auditory, mathematically inclined) and how much time your willing to give learning the guitar. Lessons are focused around learning tunes that you enjoy as well as teaching you the techniques involved in rhythm playing, how to strum and move chords effectively, single note melodies and solo lines, basic & advanced theory and building a repertoire of songs. We encourage students to sing as this can really make learning the guitar a fun and engaging experience even if you think you can’t sing.

Where are lessons provided?

Perth Guitar Academy provides lessons throughout Perth and its surrounding suburbs. We offer a mobile guitar service where the lessons take place in the comfort of your own home saving you time. Also allows you to check in on your child’s progress. This comes at the cost of a small travel fee of $5. Alternatively, lessons are also available at your nearby teachers house/studio. Your teacher will provide an amp and a spare acoustic guitar.

How much are lessons & are there any discounts/vouchers?

Lessons prices can be seen here. Discounts are available if your paying for a term up front. Which roughly works out to 1 free lesson when you pay for 9. We also offer students/parents incentives. If you recommend a friend to sign up for a months lesson your entitled to 1 free lesson.


For any more inquiries please use our Contact form or alternatively you can start learning now by using our Booking App