Welcome to Perth Guitar Academy.

Perth Guitar Academy caters guitar lessons to all levels of players experience. Whether your a beginning guitarist playing today or find you’ve plateaued and need some pointers.

Our beginner guitar guitar program focuses on ensuring you learn correct technique, basic harmony, and get you playing chords and songs from your very first lesson. We understand learning the guitar is highly rewarding yet those initial stages can test your patience. We strive to make sure lessons are enjoyable and compelling whilst pushing you to learn and overcome the difficulties in learning the guitar.


Our lessons geared towards experienced players involves mapping out a clear path that holds in mind your goals as a guitarist. Whether your looking to learn how to be more creative in improvising, becoming a better funk guitarist or learn your favourite songs. Our teachers are experienced in all styles of music.

Our methods of teaching consist of using guitar methods alongside learning scales, harmony, theory, rhythm and chords. We integrate these musical foundations with exercises thats improve your ability to hear music like a musician. Which leads to you being able to play with other musicians comfortably. We look at how songs are made, what tools and technique the guitarist is using to make their playing so effective.

Our home studio is located off of Grand Promenade just up from Railway Parade. There is ample parking available as well as the option to drop off/pick up. Our home studio is also conveniently located close to Melthem Station. We also offer Mobile guitar lessons that travel to your home. If you happen to be located a further than desired there will be a travel fee according to the distance. All ages are welcome from 5 – 85 and group lessons are welcome.
We also offer group guitar lessons to all ages.