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About Perth Guitar Academy

Perth Guitar Academy caters guitar lessons to all levels of players experience. Whether your a beginning guitarist playing today or find you’ve plateaued and need some pointers.

Our beginner guitar guitar program focuses on ensuring you learn correct technique, basic harmony, and get you playing chords and songs from your very first lesson. We understand learning the guitar is highly rewarding yet those initial stages can test your patience. We strive to make sure lessons are enjoyable and compelling whilst pushing you to learn and overcome the difficulties in learning the guitar.


Our lessons geared towards experienced players involves mapping out a clear path that holds in mind your goals as a guitarist. Whether your looking to learn how to be more creative in improvising, becoming a better funk guitarist or learn your favourite songs. Our teachers are experienced in all styles of music.

Our methods of teaching consist of using guitar methods alongside learning scales, harmony, theory, rhythm and chords. We integrate these musical foundations with exercises thats improve your ability to hear music like a musician. Which leads to you being able to play with other musicians comfortably. We look at how songs are made, what tools and technique the guitarist is using to make their playing so effective.

Why Are Choose Perth Guitar Academy?

Perth Guitar Academy aims to give you or your child the most educational and enjoyable experience the guitar has to offer.
“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
We strive to give you lessons at competitive pricing as well as make it as enjoyable as possible.

Few guitar tuition centres offer mobile guitar lessons at such attractive rates

Lessons All Around Perth

Perth Guitar Academy offers lessons all through out Perth both North & South. Our unique way of connecting to students allows our teachers to teach in their local and surrounding suburbs. We emphasise using our Mobile Guitar Service which brings the guitar teacher directly to your house which saves you both time and money.

In order to find the best teacher that fits yours need and is in with travelling distance we have a profile and brief bio on each of our teachers. This gives you both as a student or parent a clear idea of what styles your teacher excels at, whether that be in Jazz or Rock, or has notable experience in say Songwriting. It also gives you a chance to contact the teacher and ask him/her any queries regarding their teaching style or any other questions you might have.

As a parent it also allows you to verify their Working With Children Check at:


Learning Guitar as a Beginner

Learning the guitar as a beginner has never been so easy in the digital age. There are hundreds of ways to learn the guitar online these days. However one on one lessons can give you that extra leg up to put together all the information and styles that are available to the beginner today. Giving a consistent guide to truly make strides.

Whether its learning chords as a beginner or you simply want tips on how to play our team of teachers can offer you the quickest and most efficient ways to get where you want to be. Not to mention face to face learning is still one of the most rewarding experiences and that the inspiration a good teacher can give is timeless. So if you need help really getting down the latest guitar tutorial from youtube remember that only a face to face teacher can quickly identify what you might be doing wrong in terms of technique. Which can take twice the time unlearning a bad habit and re-enforcing a new one.

Without a doubt 1 on 1 lessons is still the best way to learn guitar. Whether its acoustic guitar lessons for a beginner to strum to your favourite songs or to learn electric guitar lessons as a beginner to rock out to your favourite solos. Our guitar instructors have you covered to any degree.

Your Childrens Safety

We ensure all the teachers working with Perth Guitar Academy hold a current Working With Childrens Check.

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Perth Guitar Academy is a great way to connect with your creative side. Get learning today.

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